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About JJC

The Jerusalem Juggling Club is the brainchild of Josh Phaff, a professional juggler, magician, fire-eater and entertainer in Israel for over 15 years. Josh’s friendly personality and high-energy act provide high-quality, kosher entertainment for thousands of people of all ages every year. Josh also teaches juggling workshops (chugim) for boys, boosting concentration, coordination and self-confidence that naturally spill over into the classroom and social settings.


Josh created the Jerusalem Juggling Club to bring together hobbyists and professionals in a fun and friendly environment. Participants can practice their own routines, try out new equipment, and pick up lots of new ideas and techniques in informal give-and-take. The club also features workshops on different aspects of juggling, such as unicycling, diabolo, devil stick, cigar box and more!

To accommodate the many religious jugglers who study in yeshivas full-time, the Jerusalem Juggling Club meets on Friday afternoon after classes (Saturday nights in the winter). Since our first meeting in March 2012, dozens of men and boys have joined the club from all over Israel. Juggling has returned to the Holy City!

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