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Mifal Hapis Building, 474 Golda Meir Boulevard, Ramot 04 Jerusalem

 אולם מפעל הפיס, שדרות גולדה מאיר 474 רמות ד' ירושלים

The Jerusalem Juggling Club meets at the new Mifal Hapis basketball gym in Ramot 04.  The new convenient location is just minutes away from the new Ramot Shopping Mall and a 10-15 minute bus ride from the central bus station and Bar Ilan intersection.  


Egged Bus Transportation

Click HERE for a complete list of bus lines and times. Get off on Golda Blvd. at the MIRSKI/GOLDA bus stop.


Bus #32 from center of town/King George St., Central Bus Station and on the Ramot road at the entrance of Jerusalem

Bus #72 from center of town/King George St., Geula and Bar Ilan Intersection.


By Car:

Click HERE for Google Map Directions. Plenty of parking space!


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